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Pattaya-Revealed.com : Statistics

Statistics - Top 30
Welcome to the statistics page. To change the number of dipsplayed record this just fill in the desired number. The queries are tuned for performance, however some queries might take some time to load.
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Statistics dashboard
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Current maximum list records:  200  
Current maximum graphical records: 30  
Additional information on the statistics  

Statistics Overview

Currently these are the statistics modules that are offered to you:

  • Top posters on the bulletin board
  • Newest members on the bulletin board
  • Latest replies on the bulletin board
  • Most viewed threads
  • Most replied to threads
  • Top posters on the bulletin board including thread and post %
  • Your statistics on the bulletin board
  • Graphical posters chart

The fields kept simple

  • Member: shows the member name (link to the profiles page)
  • Posts: shows the number of posts
  • Joined (D): number of days that the user has been a member
  • Inactive: number of days that the user has been inactive
  • Joined: date the user joined
  • Last visit: date of the last visit
  • Last activity: date of the last real activity
  • Last post: date of the last post
  • Title: title the user has
  • Time zone: offset of time zone
  • Thread: thread title and link
  • Thread Starter: user that started a thread
  • Last Poster: last user to post as a reply to a thread
  • Views: number of times a thread has been viewed
  • Replies: number of replies
  • Posts per day: average number of post per day
  • Posts %: percentage of the users posts compared to the total of posts
  • threads: number of threads made by user
  • threads %: percentage of the users threads compared to the total of threads
  • TP Ratio: the thread/post ratio, a high number means a users has started a lot of threads compared to his posts

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