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Default Maybe I'm a fool but I think I fell in love

For starters this is a little bit of a different trip report than others because it starts in Afghanistan rather than the US. I work as a civilian contractor for the Army. Just got out of the army. I decided that rather than going back to the US I would go to Bangkok for 2 weeks. In a way I think it made my longing for civilization while I am here in Afghanistan even worse. I also think I fell in love with a bar girl who I (maybe foolishly) believe feels the same way.

I started the trip with a one day trip to Dubai in the UAE. Simply the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I had sex with two different girls that night but I didn't think anything of it. It was just sex and I had not seen a woman worth seeing in 6th months. Dubai is basically a rich man's Bangkok I think. Instead of bar girls they have club girls. Most of the girls are asian however. So I was a little disappointed because until I met one particular woman in Bangkok I have not been especially fond of asian women. In fact I was fully intending to go to Bangkok only because I knew that the USD went alot farther in Thailand than in Dubai.

The next day I flew to Bangkok and took a taxi to Nana where I stayed at a hotel called Heaven on Soi 4. Great hotel in my opinion and the prices were reasonable as long as you had a reservation.

Because I was coming to civilization from Afghanistan I spent most of the day shopping for things that most people take for granted. That evening however, I did a grand tour of Nana. I ended up very very drunk that night and brought home a woman whose name I do not remember. In the middle of the night I was woken up to her telling me that I had not payed her yet. She was even trying to go through my stuff but even in my drunken state I had had the sense to lock up my finances. I gave her 2000 Baht and she left without saying a word. Later she called me and asked if I was alright. I said yes. She laughed said okay and hung up. It was a very fun night, not just because of the sex but because everyone was genuinely enjoying themselves on Soi 4.

The next day I did more shopping for Afghanistan throughout the day. Around 1700 I realized that I had not eaten the entire day and decided that I did not want to eat alone. So I walked down to one of the bars near my hotel and ordered a beer waiting for the girls to come to me. It turns out that the first girl that came to me was probably the prettiest girl I had seen since I arrived in Nana. I offered to buy her a drink and afterwards we ate in a restaurant on the first floor of Times Square. She was absolutely stunning and her english was actually pretty good. I loved some of the flaws in her english though. Like how she would say okay-kah or how when something was unpleasant she would say ooow. I just thought it was all very charming but I wasn't in love or anything. I just really admired her.

It is not my style to just take a girl from a bar and be like, hey lets fuck. Im just too nice of a guy and this is probably why in general I have never been very good with women. Maybe it also has to do with me being asian. I dont think many white women are going to feel comfortable to introduce an asian looking guy to their parents and hence I dont think they are interested in even starting a relationship.

Anyways. For the entire two weeks we went everywhere together. We went to the Dusit Zoo. We went to the Vertigo (a rooftop bar where she never wanted to go again, cause she later revealed that she was scared out of her mind). We went to see Paul Oakenfold at Narcissus. We went to LED Mondays (electronic music night) at the BedSupperClub. We went swimming and to Karaoke. In the mornings wed try out the best Dim Sum places that I could find online. In the evenings we would eat sushi or shed introduce me to some new Thai dish that I never would have found alone. Yes, we also had sex, practically everyday and sometimes several times a day. I have to say that it was the most incredible sex I have ever had. I never initiated it.

She cried 3 times throughout the trip when she thought about that I would have to leave on the 14th of April. She promised that she would wait for me. She even said that she loved me. She said that if I came back to Bangkok that she would HAVE to see me even if she was back in Esan. She never asked for money and on more than one occasion she would make sure that I wasnt cheated as we traveled all over Bangkok. Other girls in her bar mentioned to me that she never went home with customers and this was the first time she had done so.

Anyways. Now I am back in Afghanistan again waiting to catch a flight back to my base. At first I think I missed her so much I felt a little sick but then I called her to hear her voice and she called me her special name for me and I felt okay again. She was excited to receive my phone call. Once again she said she loved me. Its difficult to fit all the funny inside jokes and special times we had together into this trip report. I just had the best time I have ever had in my life.

Maybe Im just crazy. In a way I hope that maybe she doesnt actually love me because when I left her at the airport to catch my connecting flight to Afghanistan she was crying and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I have experienced. I have a job to do here soon and I need to let this girl go from my mind for 10 months, because In 10 months Im coming back to Bangkok! Originally I was going to travel many places with my hard earned money but now I think I am going crazy. I am thinking of only going back to Thailand. I am thinking about learning to speak Thai and going to University in Bangkok. I am thinking about using my money from contracting to start a new life there.

Thanks for reading. I just have to get this off my mind.

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