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Well done to the Pommy Bastards. They deserved that considering they had been the top ODI (or is it now called Two Day International?) team for the last few years. It only took 44 years for them to win a major ODI tournament.

I think that is the first time that I have ever congratulated a winning English cricket side. Must be getting soft in my old age.

One can only imagine what the Kiwi players are going through at the moment. So many what ifs and proof that cricket is a game of inches. Not to mention that Ben Stokes was born there. Please remind me again where Eoin Morgan, Jofra Archer and Jason Roy were all born? It wouldn't be a proper England side unless nearly half the team was born elsewhere.

I bet the bloke who wrote the tournament rules never thought the "most boundaries" clause would be invoked as a tie-breaker.

Anyways my Betfair account received a nice boost. I only bet small amounts these days and not very often. These are my total bets in the last 3 months. Looks easy doesn't it

Thank you, England and South Africa

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