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The problem with flying the cheap Asian airlines is that they fly point to point. If Richie flies to Bangkok via KL, he has to go through immigration, pick up his luggage, go through customs then do the reverse of that to be able to get on his flight to BKK. The Air Asia terminal is like a huge barn. A real free for all to get through immigration. Loads of Paki's, Injuns & other assorted races. When I went through there in Feb 2010, the lines were more than twice as long as what we experience at Swampy. Plenty of people having issues getting into the country really slows things down.

Once you get through all this, the departure area is OK but you want to hope that it is not raining as you have to walk out to get onto your plane. My plane was easily 500 metres away from the terminal.

It is the same deal at the Singapore budget terminal though the planes are parked closer to the terminal.

Not for me. Just not worth the hassle just to save a few bucks. I do use the cheapies as long as it is a single flight. For everything else, it is the likes of Singapore Airlines, Thai Inter, Cathay Pacific etc. Baggage booked all the way through, better terminals, bigger seats that recline, free food & drinks, better and free entertainment systems. Plus if you keep an eye out on their websites, they do have specials about the same price as the budget airlines.
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