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Default Thai porn

Japanese X-Rated Movie With Thai “Actress” Use BKK Airport

A Japanese porn production company used Suvannabhumi airport as backdrop. The script is about a Thai air hostess approached by a Japanese man and taken to a room on Sukhumvit road. The porn movie is on VCD and on the internet. The police is investigating the evidence including CCTV footage from the airport.
This is not the first time that Thailand is used a backdrop for a porn movie. But this case was widely critcized after people found that the porn movie producers had used Suvannabhumi airport as part of the script. There are now questions about the security at Suvannabhumi international airport.

The reporter found a copy this XXX movie at the Klong Thom market, the vendor said that he copied the film from the internet. Now he is selling hundreds of VCD per day.The film is two hours long. The first scene is from Suvannabhumi airport where a beautiful flight attendant introduces herself in Thai. Japanese subtitles are included.

Air Hostess : “I have been working for an airline since two years. I graduated from the well known university. I enjoy working with a good company, a good position, I travel to Europe very often. I like brand name products and works of art. Sometimes I think that I would like to live in Europe. That would be good.”

Air Hostess : “About my boy friend, there are some isues that I am not satisfied with.”

After talking to the camera, the air hostess walks across to the the departure hall at Suvannabhumi airport and a Japanese guy walks up to her. Talks to her. Takes her suitcase. And unwillingly she walks with him towards the carpark. Next scene the car is on the express way. Inside the car that the air hostess and the Japanese man who was harassing her.

She is trying to resist him all the time, “What are you doing?, where will you take me to?”, she says. He face shows anger.They arrive at Sukhumvit road. Next scene in the room and the air hostess asks the Japanese guy. “Why you bring me here ?”. Another man enters the room. They grab her and throw her on the sofa and then the x-rated scenes start.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Piya Utayo, Office of the National Police said, that the statistics show that very few x-rated movies have been produced in Thailand. But these films can ruin the image of Thailand and the police will coordinate with the ICT ministry to block websites and companies distributing x-rated movies produced in Thailand.

Here is a list of produced pornograhic movies produced in Thailand. All the producers, assistants and actors were arrrested.

September 6, 2006 A Japanese porn movie production team was arrested in Pattaya beach near a temple; the director, the actress and Thai actors. The police detained them in the middle of a “love” scene . Totally 11 people were arrested: Mr. Takeshi Mutsio age 58, Mr. Yoshihigo Terata age 32, Mr. Kaisho Watanabe age 55, Mr. Mazau Ki suwa age 37, Mr. Nagamura Reawta age 24, Ms. Ayami Misumoto age 20, Ms. Tomoae Kokita age 21. All of them were Japanese, and three more Thai men Mr. Ord Sangnuch age 32, address 30 Moo 2 Tambon Na Kleu, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi province , Mr. Pracha Sawasdee age 17 address 42/11 Moo 12 Tambon Nong Preu, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi province and Mr. Saen Pholraksa age 50, address 47 Moo 6 Tambon Koksa-nga , Amphur Phol, Khonkaen province.

May 20, 2007. The police raided a porn film studio in Bangkok located in a house in Soi Ladprao 94, Bangkok. The arrest took place while the, the actor and actress were having sex in front of the camera. They were all arrested. The police confiscated all the equipment.

June 12, 2007 Police raided a luxury apartment in Bangna used for x-rated movie production as the actor and the actresses were having sex. The police seized film equipment. An American Boven John Gilbert was also arrested in room A 4B on the 4th floor of Thompson Resident Soi Bangna Trad 4, Bangna Trad road.

The police found five men and women having sex together in front of the camera. The police arrested all of them: Mr. Joe Marcos Perlila age 23, Mr. Morikane age 25, Mr. Phillippe K. Orivera age 23, three Brazilians, and two women: Mrs. Terrace Sita Edades age 25, Philippinos, and Mr. Vittaya Mekvilai age 25 a Thai ladyboy. Equipment: one video camera, digital camera, one studio light set, one box of gel and several boxes of condoms.

February 1, 2008 Pattaya police raided a porn studio in a luxury Jomtien resort and found video & film production equipment. Inside Mr. Jackcruz Begu age 42, nationality French was arrested staying in room number 215 Jomtien Hill Resort 357/16 Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. The suspect made pornographic movies and maintained a prostitution website.

April 8, 2010, Police arrested an American citizen who had made a porn movie with a Thai woman. The movie was on the internet shown all over the world. In a house in Pattaya police found film & video equipment, drugs and one firearm. The police arrested Mr. Anthony Andrew Poer age 40, nationality American, the suspect was charged cheating a Thai woman and making x-rated movies to be distributed on the internet. The suspect was found sleeping in room number 312 , 3rd floor, Spanish Condominium, Sukhumvit road Moo 9, Banglamung. The police, confiscated one Sony video camera, two digital cameras, one desktop computer, one web cam video and videos of Thai woman having sex with foreigners, two packs of dried ganja, one bar of opium, one pistol caliber .38 and 10 cartridges.
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