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Yes in the usual Thai way its been brought in, not fully thought through (but then thats the same as half the policies of our own UK coalition government) and interpreted completely differently at different locations.

If it continues to be fully implemented it will without doubt cause problems for many farangs below state retirement age living modestly in Thailand who cannot afford the financial requirements of the retirement visa or the one year extention based on marriage.

Some may think this is all to do with the Thai obsession for quality tourism. I don't I think it is all to do with the far greater Thai obsession that they think there are large numbers of farang in Thailand working without a work permit and not paying tax.

My theory is backed up by the exception saying apparently that applicants over 65 only have to show bank statements showing they are in receipt of the state pension. Not the figures showed for others.

One should also remember that even though thousands of farang who i have sympathy with have lived there on these visas on small private pensions or investment income without working. The multiple entry Non Imm O based on marriage was never devised for people to actually live in Thailand it is intended for farang to use to visit their spouse or/and family for periods of up to 90 days.
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