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Having visited a relative of my lady in a public hospital in Maha Sarakham city I think I would rather forego free treatment.

The staff were fantastic. No complaints about them but the place itself brought to mind the pictures of Florence Nightingale in the Crimea. Lines of beds under hanging bare bulbs and noisy ceiling fans

The wards were built around a typical Thai courtyard full of food carts, sleeping people and soi dogs. We walked straight from the communal area into the ward. The doors were wide open to the elements.

Relatives were actually asleep under their patients beds. The nurses are so understaffed that family members have to help look after the sick. The food carts are for the relatives to supplement the rations given to the patient. There were cats wandering among the bed.

The hospital is meant to be the best public hospital in the region....! I don't think it is actually free. There is a nominal charge of 20 or 30 Baht with the Kings fund paying the rest.
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