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Originally Posted by Captain Jack View Post
I'm a regular in Secrets for my sins.

Ask the girls before hand if they go some of the green badges do not.

Secondly your friend has probably been duped by their social media campaign of loads of sexy girls.

The images they use are from a party night where Ben paid a load of Bangkok models to come down for the night.

A customer was complaining about this last night.
Regarding the "Bangkok Models", they were promoted by Secrets as being from Penthouse and available for photos for those who get off on photos. I assumed you would have to pay the lady. As this will read odd, let me say, just last night along Third Road, a new bar at the "Access" Inn was advertising "Panthouse" models being present a few nights ago. Yes, the advert was still on the rolling promotion thing. I wonder if it is "Pant" or "Pent" house?

In the past, "Green" badges meant they go.(If they like the guy and he buys some lady drinks for her and was willing to overpay) "Red" badges meant she had a Thai boyfriend so didn't want the reputation of going with farangs. To be honest, my information is dated so that's why I'm asking here in the first place.

This learned advice to simply not go isn't an option. My friend has been sold on the concept and convinced it is in a class way above your typical GoGo or Beer "bar". The girls are screened, tested for HIV and Hepatitis A,B, and C., as well as all STD's prior to working the bar floor. A huge cost to the bar of something like 5000baht per lady they employ so the story goes. The testing is done weekly and results are shared with "bar management".
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