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Originally Posted by Delaware View Post
I do have a few questions which would help us with recommendations for you.

Are you completely new to mongering or just new to Thailand?
You more interested in freelancers, Bar girls or go go's?
Do you need to take cultured photo's to hide the fact that your a sex tourist to friends and family back home?
Originally Posted by Delaware View Post
Just checked it out your hotel on google maps and its pretty far out its gonna be a right pain in the ass for you. Gonzo's right cancelling would be a good idea.
Delaware, I'm not completely new to mongering, I have been PI a couple of times and sampled the cuisine there. I'm pretty much into whatever is 'open' for business. It really doesn't matter where I find it as long as it has a little hot slot. I figure they are all just about as hazardous, whether it be from the trying to run off with your shit while you are sleeping to passing you some infestation. As far a covering my activities, I'm not really too concerned about it. I actually have an interest in getting out and seeing some things. When I went to PI, I spent the entire time mongering on my second trip, whereas my first trip I went a few places. I enjoyed my first trip more. Or at least I have better memories.

As far as the hotel room goes, I looked into a few others and found Sunshine Hotel and Residences as well as Boboona Hotel. I still need to cancel at Citin but would appreciate any thoughts on those two.

Originally Posted by woodman2 View Post

I now use the airport rail link to Phaya Thai station (the end of the line for all 3 types of airport train, so you cant go wrong) where it connects to the BTS skytrain line. 5 stops on the skytrain takes you Nana station. It takes less than an hour from terminal to hotel and cost under 100 Baht.

When you get to Nana skytrain station use Exit 2 and at the bottom of the stairs (sorry no escalator that side) walk straight on. The Majestic Suites is about half a mile up on the left. If you get to a Police box blocking your way you have gone too far. Only about 20 yards too far.

Awesome directions. Does the train run all night? My flight lands late so I don't want to head to the train just to find out it is closed. If it's open, I'm always up for an adventure.
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