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mack 10-06-2007 08:05 PM

What to expect at a soapy massage parlor
From the Asian Sex Gazette:

Squeaky clean in Thailand
By William Sparrow
September 26, 2007

Soapy massage can be a very erotic experience. Thailand's sex industry is well known for its go-go bars, freelance pick-up joints and beer gardens. Considering that Thai massage is one of the cornerstones of 'Thai Wisdom', (the others being Thai boxing, cooking, and language), it seems only natural that sex and massage would be combined sooner or later. One such example is the soapy massage. Some places offer a soapy massage on an air-mattress - also known as the Bangkok slide, full body massage, B-Course massage, Tora Tora Massage etc., involving lots of suds, full body contact, and titillating interaction. Many men - and even a few women - consider a soapy the most delightful and erotic couple of hours a person can spend. The customer is pampered, undressed, immersed in a large double bath of warm water. A woman gets in beside the guest and washes them from head to toe with her body, often primarily employing her pubic region as the primary instrument of application, (for this reason, it has also been dubbed 'the Brillo'). Lather, bubbles and copious amounts of friction are applied. The women will usually do just about anything for the guest. Soapy massages usually finish with, at the very least, a happy ending.

Typically a customer enters a soapy, sits down in some type of 'reception area', has a drink and has a look at the ladies. The reception area can be a generally range from the likes of a pick-up bar with ladies wandering around chatting up customers, to the 'fish bowl' variety where a large glass window separates customers from a selection of women tagged with numbers. Point and choose based on your personal proclivities or act as a discerning connoisseur and tell the mamasan or papasan what you like and they will parade a half dozen girls out for viewing and chatting until you are satisfied and have picked your masseuse. Money is exchanged - usually about 1,500 to several thousands of baht - and the 'treatment' is under way. Then it is time to relax; the woman will undress the guest and then help them step in to the bath with her following. The customer is washed by the now naked masseuse and most of the time oral or manual sex ensues.

Then it is time to move to the air mattress where customer gets the soapy massage. The guest is covered with soap and sponged down while the girl starts to massage them with her body. During this body massage the woman will use a particular part of her own body to slither, rub and grind over just about every inch of the customer's body.:MyEmoticons-com__po After the massage is finished, there is usually another quick shower with manual and/or oral stimulation. Then it is off to the conveniently equipped and well-placed bed in the massage room. From here the guest can choose how to find their own happy ending. The time for all this is normally 90 minutes, but overtime is available and will be charged for.

Alternative View

"Body massage", can be misleading as one female tourist recently discovered. The farang (foreign) woman was actually traveling with her long-time boyfriend when she decided to take a day out on the town while said boyfriend was scuba diving. The woman, having already enjoyed the delights of 'normal' non-sexual Thai massage, decided during her day out shopping in Phuket to take up a lovely Thai girl offering body massage on her signage. Once inside our wayward patron realized that something was amiss. "What is a body massage?" she asked. "I just wanted a massage, full body massage."

To this the Thais considered the question, possibly too literally. Thais are also extremely accepting with homosexuality and bisexuality, which may have further muddied the waters. "Yes, body massage!" Mamasan proclaimed. "Just beautiful lady, you pick, lady take care of you. Spa! Bath! Soap massage!" The young female tourist was not deterred. Comfortable with her sexuality she decided to trudge on, "Her!" She proclaimed, pointing out a rather demure but shyly smiling Thai woman hiding in the shadows.

She got a soapy and described it as the one of the most erotic experiences in sexuality she has ever experienced. Unfortunately she was not forthcoming on further details. The satisfied female tourist did say that the large part of the soapy was performed, "shower, grinding massage, shower", but that oral and manual stimulation did not happen. Much to the consternation of her boyfriend and this reporter, the details were scant.

The result, however, was equally interesting story. The satiated, relaxed and downright horny female tourist returned to her hotel to await her beau from his day of diving. When he arrived he was treated to an exceptionally enthusiastic woman who took him for a special shower. After hours of bubbles, grinding and wreathing in each other's embrace, the exacerbated boyfriend asked what had inspired his long term girlfriend's performance. The answer was simple Thai Wisdom, "I just wanted to make sure you were squeaky clean," the woman giggled.

bigphill67 03-02-2010 08:49 PM

kinnell over 15,000 views and no replies
thanks for the post mack and all your hard work/research keep it up lol :bath: there well worth a visit i like them.

yusamile 03-03-2010 05:55 AM

14,950 views were by Foz :MyEmoticons-com__po

foz 03-03-2010 07:00 AM

Good value them soapys,unless you shoot yer load quick,ie in the bath.Best bit is on the lilo,when the birds massaging yer body with her tits and pussy. :thumbsup:

Well done phil for digging this thread up

thailearner 03-03-2010 08:46 AM

I went for one at next to big C I think it is called Sabai room. Hadn't had a sopay for ages.

When I have a soapy I like to have a girl who has a decent set of tits on her (one annoying thing is when you get the girl in the room and she is wearing a wonder bra). The girl I picked had a good set of tits on her as she undid the top of her dress and no bra at all Excellent. She said she had been working there for 13 years no bs about only been working there 1 month.

Had a great time with her only downside was soap in the eye.

monsterman 03-03-2010 11:07 AM

Soapy = Very expensive bath with a wank tacked on .

foz 03-03-2010 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by monsterman (Post 175225)
Soapy = Very expensive bath with a wank tacked on .

Allways ends up with a full session on the bed when i go ,Apple pie is allways clean,as youve just watched her wash it infront off you.

woodman2 03-03-2010 07:19 PM

I was once in 1 of the Sabais trying to make my mind up, but couldn`t, as you do. As a wind up I rang my mate back in the UK and asked him to pick a 3 figure number between whatever and whatever.

I didn`t realise he was in a senior managers meeting at the Gas at the time. Anyway him and his manager mates had another topic on the agenda. Picking me a soapy partner. Soon after a bit of discussion a number came back to me.

It turned out their selection was inspired. Only 1 digit removed from an actual number in the fish tank. The best soapy girl I have had.

The best bit was when she sat on the edge of the tub washing my hair, rubbing her little bush up and down the back of my neck like a loofa.

Afterwards I had to give my mate a blow by blow account so he could report back at his next managers meeting. All the managers wern`t male by the way but the women seemed even more intent on finding out what went on than the guys.

thailearner 03-03-2010 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by monsterman (Post 175225)
Soapy = Very expensive bath with a wank tacked on .

I give the girl a good fucking as well :MyEmoticons-com__po

Bilbobaggins 03-03-2010 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by thailearner (Post 175255)
I give the girl a good fucking as well :MyEmoticons-com__po

so YOU say............

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